i caLL yoU wHen i neEd yoU

mY heArt´S oN fiRe

yoU coMe tO mE coMe tO mE

wiLd anD wiLd

wHen yoU coMe tO mE

giVe mE eVeryThinG i neEd

giVe mE a LifeTime oF pRomiSes

aNd a worLd oF dReamS

sPeak a LanGuagE oF LovE

LikE yoU kNow wHat iT meAns

anD iT can´T bE wRong

taKe mY heArt anD maKe iT sTronG bAby



yoU´rE simpLy tHe besT

beTTer tHan aLL thE resT

beTTer tHan anYone

anYone i´vE evEr meT

i´M sTuck oF youR heArt

i hAng oN eVery woRd yoU sAy

tEar uS aparT

baBy i wouLd raTher bE dEad